Harvey and Darren have the muffler system in place, the hydraulic fittings are being made. And Harvey delivered the material from LP and Spruce Products back to Northern to replace the material they used on the motor shed. Mel and Carolyn are getting ready for the G7 meeting on Feb. 6/12.Lana Baldwin is preparing a power point presentation.


Shane Spencer moved his tractor to the hill plowing out the parking lot and around buildings. He will try to move one lift shack to the top of the new lift. The lift inspectors from Winnipeg are on their way to the hill. Frank and Ed will meet with them to go over the safety switches on the old lift. Darren Hubscher went to Roblin to pick up the sieve wheels for the bull wheel.


2011 – Gary Eagle came in with the track hole to stand up towers. A cable was purchase for 8100 dollars from Rigging Specialties – Banff, AB . Darren Hubscher went to Roblin to haul back the motor, cable, counter weight, hauling it on a 23 ft trailer w/no brakes…. Just making it to the top of thunderhill he then had to get the trailer on porcupine trail to the new lift line. John Cotton chain his big tractor to the back of the trailer to slow the down hill slide. As they were about to start down hill John than had no brakes on the tractor……

Well back to standing up towers, all went fairly smooth till the return station. The track hole could not reach high enough so Darren called co-op Agro for the bin crane. Then the support legs were not long enough – so Cliff Grazier sent up his men and welding trucks to cut and re-weld the legs. So at the top of Porcupine we had track hole, tractor, crane, trucks, men – the job got done and everyone safe.

The rush to do this job was Bill Dyck was on his way to splice the cable – which still had to be hung. Oh ya we didn’t have the sieve lined up yet. Carolyn did a fast job of learning how to run a transit – and the sieve are hopefully lined up. Bill Dyck is one of two guys who do splicing in Canada.

Buildings – A motor/lift shack was building by Northern, Minish, Peak Performace, Richard Const. and moved into place by Qwik Lift Towing, Lorne Harness was on hand with his tractor to plow the road across Staples field. Two lift shacks for the top were built by Lyle Eggie and Jack Mitchelson. The motor shed was move in through the field road, but the lift shack were hauled up the road to the top - almost. Lyle lost it on the way up and Carter Harness was called in with their tractor to tow truck and trailer up the hill and unload the two lift shacks.

There were a lot of days through here of a lot of other jobs going on – Frank Markin doing landscaping with his cat, Harvey Baldwin cutting brush measuring unload landings, Edwin Cotton mowing just to name a few.

Onto safety harness – Shane Spencer spending hours and days wiring the safety switches and running wire. Ken Markoski made up the panel box to be housed in the bottom shack. Brett Church worked on the motor to be hooked up to the bull wheel. Also Brett is working on the spring box. Darren Hubscher and Harvey Baldwin working on the muffler installation.

It is January 2012 and getting close to turning the key.

Oh ya – the line drawing and engineering is started for the second lift - - -- -

Old Lift – the winter and summer of 2010 was very wet. Over the winter water continued to flow out of the side bank on No. 5 tower onto the bunny hill. Between No. 4 and 5 tower there was sink hole approx. 8 feet wide and 6 feet deep which was filled with bale from Randy Hart – Valley Livestock. During the summer Zander Zip slide taking out No. 5 as well as No. 8 tower had to be worked on to. Late fall  on December 10 and the 12 Les Emmerson arrived with his track hole to repair the old lift line and reset the towers. Ed, Harvey and Carolyn with three days of hauling snow to patch the lift line, Thunderhill was up and skiing on December 17, 2011

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2010 early spring, snow still on the ground, a road was pushed across Darren Staples field, through the bush approx. 300 ft. to the bottom of the new run. As the year was so wet it was decided to pour when the ground was still frozen. When the cement truck went in the road it slides, almost tipping the truck on its side. The first truck was towed in by Grays track hole and the second truck of turned back. The next day Ray Fothergill was brought in to spread gravel. The pour was a success. Bruce Ash found a Perkins diesel motor.


Winter of 2009 the board along with guest – Mel Edmunds, Bruce Ash, Ken Carstairs, Stewart Coulthart, Leon Delaurier, Kevin Betcher, Lew McClurg, Ron Highmoor, James Webb, Carolyn Baldwin, Edwin Cotton, Guest: Frank Markin, Daren Hubscher, Cliff Grazier, Ken Markoski,

We met at Thunderhill Ski Club to discuss the possibility of expanding the ski area and installing a t-bar.

Motion made to send Ken Markoski and Darren Hubscher to Alberta to purchase two t-bars.

Gary Eagle cleared bush so runs could be scouted. Mel Edmunds, Ron Highmoor, Carolyn Baldwin

One t-bar came from Snow Valley, Edmontion and one from Vista Ridge, Fort McMurray. The t-bars were transported to Roblin, MB – Kencoe Industries. Three semi loads. The t-bars were refurbished, then the one from Snow Valley was transported from Roblin to Thunderhill by volunteers – Darren Hubscher, Bruce Ash, George Church and paid transport by Lew McClurg.

Gary Eagle cleared the way for the lower east lift line. Lyle Montgemory engined the lift. JB Construction poured in the foundations. The first pour went smooth and the cement truck was able to drive down the steep incline to pour. Then the weather turned.